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An older preacher confessed recently, “It’s not the parts of the Bible I don’t understand that worry me. It’s the parts of the Bible I do understand!”

Sometimes we hear intellectuals say they have logic problems with the Bible.

Then we later learn that their problem wasn’t with the logic of God. It was with the demands of God.

The famous atheist Bertrand Russell once said there was “not enough proof” to make him believe. After he died, the world learnt of the string of his relentless promiscuity that destroyed his family. It wasn’t his tough mind that stopped Russell from believing. It was his hard heart.

God makes himself plain in the Bible. Theologians call this “the perspicuity of Scripture.” Everyone can see God within it. Once they stop to hear its words, both professors and pre-schoolers can understand that God has shown he loves us by sending Jesus.

When the Apostle Paul confronted the intellectuals of his day in Athens, he proclaimed a unique part of the Christian message. He boldly told them that the God they thought could never be known, “I am going to proclaim to you.” God was no longer hiding – he had revealed himself fully in Jesus.

When Jesus himself preached his message, both the sophisticated and the very simple came to listen. And from every group some followed Jesus, and some didn’t.

What made the difference? It wasn’t that some had good ears and some didn’t. It was that some wanted to listen to the message.

The problem isn’t our ears, it’s our hearts. Do we really want to know what God has to say when we read the scripture?

Once we come earnestly to his word, we often find it’s quite easy to understand after all. We can all give thanks with the poet who wrote Psalm 119:

“the unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.”


Heavenly Father, you healed the deaf with a touch. With your Holy Spirit you can make our hearts want to know you and obey you. Perform this miracle in me today. Amen